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The Austin Metal Detecting Club encourages responsible conduct and strict compliance with all local, state and federal regulations and restrictions, as well as the unconditional respect for the rights and property of others and those rights held commonly by all.  We take pride in our hobby and ask that all members observe and promote the following Code of Ethics.

I WILL always check federal, state, county and local laws before searching. It is my responsibility to KNOW THE LAW.

I WILL respect all public and private land and the persons using it.

I WILL always obtain permission to enter and search a site.

I WILL take care to refill all holes and try not to leave any damage.

I WILL leave all gates as found.

I WILL remove and dispose of litter I find.

I WILL NOT damage or tamper with any structures on the property.

I WILL approach and educate, or report those who do not follow our Code of Ethics.