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Welcome to the Austin Metal Detecting Club

AMDC is proud to be the oldest organized metal detecting club in the state of Texas.

Since 1963 AMDC has served the needs of metal detectorists in the central Texas area by acting as a clearinghouse for information and by providing an enjoyable social environment for folks interested in the fascinating hobby of metal detecting.

Danny swinging
Daniel at the Galveston HARC hunt

The Club also serves the local community by offering a free Lost item search service. We have a dedicated team of experienced detectorists who enjoy nothing more than to reunite folks with their lost metal items. Over the years, the search team has Found a huge number of lost items ranging from massively valuable college rings, to tiny sentimental stud earrings and everything in between in both size and value.

Our roster includes about 50 members of all ages, ranging from the highly experienced old-timers to the youngest rank beginners. Joining AMDC is an easy way to hook up with a hunting buddy who can help you learn how to effectively use your new, or old detector, show you places that are both legal to hunt and worth the effort, teach you how to safely clean your coin and other finds and in general, get the most enjoyment from the hobby. See our membership form on the Resources page. There are also some useful website links to aid in choosing your next site to search.

lions camp 2019
Camper and counselor at Texas
Lions Camp

Some new features of this website are the How to page that details tips and techniques that will be helpful to every detectorist. We could use a lot of help making this page still more useful. Another is the Sales page. It is for use by club members only to sell metal-detecting-relating 'stuff'. Please contact the webmaster with the particulars of the items to sell.

Club activities include: monthly meetings; social gatherings with private seeded hunts; a nationally recognized competitive hunt that is open to the public and features multiple hunts seeded with clad and silver coins, and tokens that can be redeemed for detectors and other valuable prizes. With all of this and more, we make the News pretty often.

The Club publishes a Newsletter every month. It features a message from our president or other Board member, details of recent activities, specifics of upcoming meetings and hunts, and helpful detecting suggestions. It is also a place for members to sell their excess detecting equipment - simply email the Newsletter Editor at with the particulars. The newsletter is usually published by the Monday after the first Thursday of each month, so time your submissions appropriately.

Every year, Covid-19 notwithstanding, the single most rewarding Club activity is conducting the hunts for the special needs kids at the Texas Lions Camp. This camp has existed since 1949 and is dedicated “to the perpetual use and enjoyment of handicapped children in Texas.” Volunteers of AMDC and other Texas detecting clubs conduct two days of training and hunting with the campers. Even campers with vision impairment or hearing loss are able to join in the fun using specially modified detectors to locate the foreign coins and small toys that have been 'buried'. Many of the counselors are from outside the U.S. and they get a big kick when they find coins from their home countries. Volunteer detectorists always enjoy the event more than the kids.

Tamdc group shot
Larry, Blaine, Leon, Dennis, Daniel,
and Mary at the TAMDC show

A few years ago, the Club was honored to assist in an investigation by the FBI and the Williamson County Sheriff's Office to search for artifacts lost during the Rachel Cooke abduction. Everyone in the Club took part in the all day effort using their detectors to locate the potential clues that law enforcement officers then photographed and cataloged for forensic analysis.

AMDC is an active member of the Texas Association of Metal Detecting Clubs and maintains close contact with organizations on the state and national levels to keep members up to date on the latest metal detecting news and developments. Everyone that joins AMDC automatically becomes a member of TAMDC because the Club pays your TAMDC dues. Our Club is a regular booth presenter at TAMDC's annual Treasure Show where we conduct drawings or raffles and always feature a game of chance or skill for the amusement of our booth visitors.

Each fall, on a Saturday close to Veterans Day, AMDC hosts a seeded hunt that is open to the public. So far, these have been held at Williamson County Old Settlers Association in Round Rock. During the all-day event, the Club conducts multiple hunts for coins, and tokens for prizes which includes detectors and metal detecting accessories from the leading manufacturers. TAMDC has always partnered with AMDC and conducted a seeded hunt of their own for both coins and tokens for prizes and also held raffles for various prizes.

Everyone is welcome to join in the fun, so "Come on down!" and get in on the action.