Search request
Name: Eric
Type of object lost: Ring
Location where item was lost if different from address: Link to map pin
How long ago was item lost? 1/6/2024
Message and comments: Hi there. I was at a group function today at Festival Beach, and my titanium wedding band fell off my finger. I know a small area in which it happened, and we made a group effort to find it, with no luck. If titanium rings are able to be found with detectors I would greatly appreciate the help.

Search announcement by Scott
Jan #2
    Eric is requesting a permit from Austin Parks & Rec. That being said, I am meeting him there tomorrow at 9am. I am taking leaf rakes to search for his ring, but will have my detector if we cannot find it. If anyone else wants to help, reply-all.

Search results by Scott
    Two good things happened with this request. First, Mitch and I were able to find Eric's titanium ring (Mitch has pictures) and second, Eric went online to get permission to search for the ring and found that the new [Austin Parks and Recreation Metal Detecting] policy does not require a permit if the person that lost the valuable is present... We are still not allowed to use detectors in their parks under any other circumastances without a permit.

Search results by Mitch
    Another lost item led to a couple of great finds. First, we met the person who lost the ring at Fiesta Gardens, and Scott lent him a Tesoro detector and gave him a quick run down on its operation.
    Soon we were all three hunting for the lost ring that had made its escape during some playing around and the dark colored ring falling amongst the dark leafy ground cover, made for difficult eyeballing of any rings. Scott found a small ... after a short while and before long, he called over the ring owner and pointed to the ground. Barely visible was the outline of the ring that had been stepped on and so was very hard to see. But the detector did its job.
    We talked briefly about the process to get a permit to hunt in the park, and we found that permits are no longer required, so long as the person who lost the item is there looking for the ring while the detectorists are there.


Festival Beach ring with body