2023 October #1


While Josh enjoyed an ACL concert at Barton Springs with friends, his gold necklace broke causing three pendants to fall the ground without his knowledge. After a short time he noticed the loss and started searching.

Luckily the broken necklace stayed aroud his neck, and he and his friends were able to find the two smaller pendants among the feet of hundreds of people at the concert. However, the third and largest pendant was not found.

The next day, he and his friends tried unsuccessfully to locate metal detectors that could be rented. Then they discovered the AMDC website and submitted a lost item search request.


"We are hoping to have someone help us find a lost pendant of great sentimental value. ACL park manager is giving us permission to go Monday or Thursday to go back with a metal detector to find the lost item in the small area we were in. We hope you can help."


On Thursday morning, Fred Toewe and Scott Hegel met Josh at the Barton Springs pool parking lot. Scott loaned a detector to Josh so that he could help search. The three searchers made their way to the area in front of the music stage where Josh and his frieds had been. Josh described where they found the other two pendants.

The ground consisted of hard packed dirt with a thin, very patchy layer of dead grass. They were not permitted to dig, but the surface condition guarateed that the pendant would be on the surface. Their initial thoughts were that the pendant had probably been found by somebody. Regardless, they began to search.

After perhaps twenty minutes of grid searching the area, Scott smiled and announced that he had found it. Josh was immediately elated and hugged everyone in the area. He told how his grandparents had survived the Dachau concentration camp during WWII and offered to pay the Club for searching or to buy the searchers lunch or do anything they asked. Scott told him the only thing he wanted was a handshake and a picture or two to remember and celebrate with him.

gold pendant