2023 August #1

    We received a request to search for a Tungsten Carbide wedding ring lost in waist deep water in Lake Austin while Carlos and his son, Anthony, were playing catch with a football.

    Scott met the family at the spot on Lake Austin and came prepared with extra metal detectors to search for the missing ring. Carlos and Anthony had never used a metal detector before, but picked it up very quickly. Carlos was using a Garrett AT Max and Anthony was using a Nokta Pulse Dive and a dive mask.

    Targets came slowly at first, but soon we had a pouch filled with pull tabs, bottle caps, coins and a few other trash items. Then Carlos announced that he found a ring . . . not the one he was looking for, but a 10K yellow gold ladies pinky ring.

    Scott had to leave soon after that recovery but left the searchers with the metal detectors they had been using. Before Scott made it home, he got a text reading SUCCESS!!! and a picture of a very happy Carlos. There were no other great finds that day, but we now have two new treasure hunters.

gold Ring Carlos lost Ring