The early February ice storm that hit central Texas caused a lot more trouble for folks than just the loss of power for days and damage to their trees - it also caused Bill to lose his wedding ring as he cleaned up his yard in Cedar Park.

Bill, lost his wedding ring on February 27, 2023 and submitted a Lost Item Search Request on the same day.

Mitch visited Bill the next day and tried unsuccessfully to find the ring. Mitch felt that after the rest of the tree limbs had been removed from the yard it would be easier to locate the ring.

A few days later, Scott visited Bill and was successful. Scott wrote:
Case closed! I went to Bill's house between grandsons' baseball games. Was about ready to call off the search until all tree limbs were removed and I got a signal lower than a nickel, told Bill it was not his ring but a shallow signal AND I was wrong . . . out came his ring.

Wedding Ring