AMDC Search Team Request

Name: London Perkins
Type of object lost: Ring
Location where item was lost if different from address: Taylor Texas San Gabriel River of N CR 366
How long ago was item lost?: Saturday July 3rd 2021
Message and comments: I went off a rope swing and my Aggie ring with diamond ring wrap (it's soldered
together) slipped off my finger. I have a scuba diver but am in need of a waterproof metal detector like a
Garret AT Max. I know exactly where to look, it's about 6 feet deep and not a area many people go so
I think it is absolutely recoverable! Please Help!!!

Scott's Recovery email

July #1

I did not send this one to the group since it was 6 feet under water and out in my country.
First trip, the current was moving too fast to get close to the rope swing, so I covered the
area where they got out. Second trip, the water was down almost a foot, but the current
was still more than my normal gear could handle. After a couple of attempts with a tether,
I put 24 lbs of extra weights in a backpack and the total weight (40 lbs) was enough to
keep [me] from floating away. The first misstep and I was upside down like a turtle. No more
missteps and a half hour later in about 7 feet of water, I found her jazzed up Aggie ring.

Scott Hegel

Scott Hegel Scott Hegel