Name: John
Address: Austin, TX
Type of object lost: Ring
How long ago was item lost? This afternoon [March 13th]
Message and comments: Hello, hoping you can help, lost my wedding ring while working in the backyard. Believe it was lost in the work zone but may have come out in the front yard. Anything you can do to help, even if it is a metal detector suggestion to buy would be helpful. My wife and I are visiting our siblings for the week, we leave Tuesday the 19th.


March #2

John will be available through March 18th. The ring is gold. Please reply-all if you are interested in the search.

Thanks, Scott

Searcher Contact

I just spoke with John. They are building a deck in the backyard. He had put his ring in his pocket while working. They dug postholes and carried supplies from the front to the back.

I will head over there after I get through with my doctor appointment tomorrow.


Search Result

Success. Took about 30 minutes. They insisted on making a generous donation to the club. Their first wedding anniversary is next month.