Name: Emeline
Address: Austin, TX
Type of object lost: Ring
How long ago was item lost? 2 days
Message and comments: The ring flew off my finger in the back yard and I know which direction it went. I have searched for it for hours already along with my other friends, but we have had no luck so far. The ring is a family heirloom and special to me so I am very heartbroken. If you guys can't help me, would I be able to connect with someone who I can rent equipment from to search further? Thanks.


Feb #3

This is similar to Feb #2. Ring is a gold trinity ring lost at a friend's yard. Search will need to be after 5pm during the week. If anyone is interested in the search, please reply-all.

Thanks, Scott

Search Result

Emeline was certain she lost her 3-ring 18K set in her backyard while talking with friends. She had made a sweeping motion with her arm while talking. It was already dark when it happened, so no one saw where it went.

Scott and I searched about an hour, covering the small backyard thoroughly. We had also searched underneath a row of tall bushes along one side of the yard. It just wasn’t there. But it had to be. As a last ditch effort, we shook the bushes pretty hard and checked underneath again. Walla! I found it with a pinpointer going down the row of bushes a second time, reaching underneath with a pinpointer. It had hung up in the bushes.

When we saw the ring, it was obvious that the type of ring made it easy to hang up in a bush. It was a pretty unique 3-ring set. Each ring looped through at least one of the other rings, but none were bonded in any way to any other ring. So they were three individual rings looking for something to hang up on while falling through the bush it had hit.


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