Name: Ashley

City, State and Zip: Del valle, TX

Type of object lost: Ring

How long ago was item lost? Thursday 11/2 @ 2pm

Location where item was lost if different from address: Dinosaur Playground

Message: My double banded wedding band! I was climbing on the dinosaur head, and holding onto the rope, and it caught my rings and launched them!! I found the engagement ring, but we couldn't find my wedding band (my husband went back with me to help me look!).

Announcement: Ashley has a 3 piece wedding set, she found the middle ring (engagement ring). The other 2 are soldered together and are silver. If anyone is interested in this search please reply-all.
Thanks, Scott

Scheduled: We're gonna try tomorrow [Saturday] at 4 or so if anyone wants to join.

Result: Found! After about 20 minutes of looking in the obvious place I moved to the not so obvious place and two minutes later found it.

Wedding Ring