Search request: Lost on Sunday 3/21/2021
Comment: Husband's wedding ring rolled into a crack in our deck. He took off some planks on the deck, but we still can't find it.

Searched for on Friday 3/26/2021

He had pulled up probably about a quarter of the boards to his deck I stuck my detector in there and searched as best I could even reached my pinpointer inside as far as I could reach. Came up with nothing but nails and beer caps. I got one promising signal through the Wood a few feet over so I had asked him to remove one more board. His wife asked if I would just search the perimeter so as he started removing the board I stepped off and prepared to look around the perimeter, I just turned on the detector and was about to ground balance and I looked down and saw The Ring outside the deck area. They were very appreciative and thanked the club for this service.

Mitch London