The following search request was received at the club website at 1:42 PM on
March 25, 2022.

Name Zoe
Location where item was lost if different from address Sand pit at Pfluger Park.
515 City Park Rd.
Message and comments: I'm not sure if y'all do searches for something as small
as this, but I figured I would fill out an application and see what comes of it.

A young boy lost 2 toy cars in the sand pit area (volleyball court) at a park in
Pflugerville. The mom was very upset because these 2 toy cars had special
sentimental value to both of them! One was his favorite toy car that she was
saying he asks for all the time. And the other was more sentimental to the mother
of the boy, because her mom had sent them to her son and she lives out of country
and she really misses them.

I searched for around an hour to help find these 2 cars (assuming they are buried
together) but after never finding them, I'm thinking I may have only buried them
further by accident in searching for them. The mom was so upset which made me
feel so upset that I couldn't find them!

Reaching out to do as much as I can to try and help find them for this young boy
and his mom!

Thank you!!

At 2:31 PM, Scott wrote to the search team:

March #7

Zoe is trying to help a mother [of a boy] that lost 2 very special toy cars. There are
2 volleyball courts at Pfluger Park, the kids were playing on the right one (looking
from main part of park, playscape) and on the closest to the park side. Zoe will be
the point of contact, but she lives in North Austin, so anyone that wanted to search
could just go to the park. If the cars are found, we can contact Zoe and let her
contact the Mom. Anyone interested, please reply-all.

Scott Hegel

At 3:02 PM, Mary Prause replied

We will run out there real quick.


At 4:16 PM, Mary again replied:

Hopefully these are the cars.

Toy cars


At 8:11 PM, Scott received the following:

Dear Scott,

I am the mom of the boy who lost his cars in Pfluger park. My friend Zoe went to
great lengths to organize the search without telling me about it.

I was shocked to learn how many people were involved and that this community put
so much time and effort for seemingly unworthy cause.

To some it might seem just 2 battered cheap hotwheels cars, but for me and my son
Simon they mean so much. The orange car was the first ever car we got for him and
that purple car came in the package all the way from his grandma in Lithuania who
we were not been able to see for 2 years due to pandemic. Simon has a name for
each car in his possession. These are so very precious to both my son and I.

I thank YOU Scott from all my heart for not disregarding this request to your
organization and being so gracious about it.

Thank you so so much for all the help.

Vilija and Simon