Lynn loves to grow flowers. Her backyard is filled with flower beds and flower pots of all sizes. Over the last weekend she spent several hours working on the beds and pots. After finishing, she was horrified to learn that one of her hearing aids was gone. She, her husband, and her daughter-in-law, searched all over the yard before giving up and submitting a search request to the Club.

Mitch was first to answer the request and did a quick search on Monday that didn't succeed.

Fred and Jeanne answered the request the next day and after about an hour of Fred not finding it with either a detector or pin pointer, Jeanne started to eyeball search. Within 5 minutes max, she called out "Found it!". It was about 8 inches away from one of the flower pots that was next to the fence.

At almost the exact same time, Lynn's daughter-in-law, and granddaughter strolled into the backyard just in time to join the celebration and picture taking fun.

Lynn was very appreciative of the Club's effort.