Name: Margaret

Type of object lost: Ring

Location: Her home in Austin

How long ago was item lost? November 26, 2022 approx. 9-10:30 am

Message and comments: The ring is a small pinky ring with 3 small stones, but is precious to me - I've had it about 60 years. It slipped off my finger yesterday while I was picking up branches and piles of wet leaves from the yard. It's likely in the grass - I couldn't find it on the driveway or walkways or in the street. I didn't notice it missing until I got back indoors after 15 minutes in the yard.

30 years ago I was given a Radio Shack metal detector (which I never figured out how to work effectively) and the manual is missing. So yesterday I subscribed to a service that provides old operator manuals and got one, but found that a major switch on my unit will not work, so using that old one isn't an option for me. I would greatly appreciate any help in finding my ring!

Thanks to anyone who responds!

Instructions to the Search Team: Nov #2

Ring is a small platinum ring with an emerald and 2 small diamonds. Could have been lost in either the front or back yard. If you are interested in this search, please reply-all.

Thanks, Scott

Search: Fred Toewe arranged a search with Margaret and Mitch London offered to help. They met at Margaret's house at 10 a.m. and got the details of what she had been doing before she realized the ring was missig.

After about an hour, Mitch had to leave to go to work. After 3-1/2 hours, Fred had finished searching the front yard, but before leaving for the day decided to check the narrow patch of grass on the left side of the driveway. He got a strong target sound reading 16-17 on the Equinox 800 and figured it was just a pull tab, so he passed it over and didn't dig it.

Twenty seconds later he re-thought that decision and re-located it with the detector. As he bent down to zero-in on it with the pin pointer, the plain portion of the ring band was peeking out from under the edge of a leaf. He picked up the ring and remarked that "It was the best looking pull tab he'd ever seen." Margaret was only a few feet away and was quickly overcome with the joy of having her ring back.

Pictured below is the lost and found ring.

Platinum Ring