Search Request

Type of object lost: Earring

Location where item was lost if different from address: Barton Hill Farms

How long ago was item lost?: Today, April 10

Message and comments: Have a limited search range around fishing pond where it could have
fallen based on photos from the day. Time sensitive because public event area every weekend.
Any help appreciated. Reward offered.

Search team leader announcement: April #1
The lost earring is a platinum stud earring with a diamond setting. The diamond is a 3 carat stone
so there should be enough metal to get a decent reading. Jennifer has the mate and will meet us
there (Bastrop). The facility is not open to the public until Friday so we have access until then.
If anyone is interested, please reply-all.

Search team: Scott, Jennifer and Fred

Back story: Jennifer was at the farm with some friends. She was holding the friend's six-month
old baby and slowly walked around the fishing pond. All the while the baby's mother took numerous
photos. The baby was fascinated by Jennifer's earrings and played with them. Unbeknownst to all,
the baby succeeded in getting one loose. By the time the group got about one quarter of the way
around the pond, her left earring was gone.

It was some time later before Jennifer realized that the earring had fallen off. They immediately
viewed the photos to bracket where the earring had been lost. The group tried to find the earring
in the grass, but soon realized it was pointless. Later that day, Jennifer purchased a Bounty Hunter
detector and unsuccessfully attempted to locate the earring. Finally, at about 8:30 p.m. she found our
website and submitted a lost item search request.

Fred Toewe Fred Toewe Fred Toewe