Search request: Lost on New Year's Eve 2021
Comment: Pendant necklace with a stone, broke while I was working in my back yard. Would appreciate any help, would gladly compensate for the find.
Thank You, Barbara

Jan. 3, 2022: Search team leader, Scott, met with Barbara at the property to learn where she had been working and made a brief, but unsuccessful search. He then asked the team for help.

Jan. 4, 2022: Fred met with Scott at the property while Barbara was at work and was told where she had been working. He learned that the 'stone' was a very pricey diamond in a wire basket and that the necklace was a gold chain.
Fred started searchng in the leaf pile that Barbara had created adjacent to the driveway, not because it looked particularly promising, but rather because it was closest to where he had parked.
The first three targets were all nails. The fourth target rang up the same, but as he knelt down to dig it, the reflection from about an inch of the chain caught his eye. He carefully pulled it and out came the broken necklace with the pendant diamond still attached.
Fred called Scott over to the retrieval site where they discussed the circumstances of the find and Scott took the attached photo.
Scott then contacted Barbara to let her know we had found the necklace and stone.

Jan. 5, 2022: Scott received the following message from Barbara:
Good morning Scott,
I am finally settling down from being an emotional and excited wreck yesterday after the discovery of my pendant. I will keep the photo of where it was found. And I'll always keep your contact information. No words to express the appreciation and thank you to both you and Fred for all your help and assistance. I am still processing my pendant sleeping in the leaves for 4 nights. ... Again many many Thank You. The Best of the 2022 New Year to you and your family, you certainly made mine better!!!

Fred Toewe