Name: James
City, State and Zip: San Marcos
Type of object lost: Ring
Location where item was lost if different from address: Just behind the deck at my home
How long ago was item lost? an hour ago 11:00 on March 26.

Message and comments: I'm wondering if there are any club members in San Marcos or near by, or anyone else, who could help me. My gold ring which I have had since 1967 flew off my finger when I was throwing a toy for a dog to fetch. I got it when I was in the Army in Turkey, have worn it ever since and it means a lot to me. I have been losing weight recently, which is why the ring was loose. It is somewhere within about a 20 foot circle, but our grass is over due for mowing. I have searched without any luck. Finding it wold be much appreciated.


March #4
This search is made for Andrew.
James (retired Texas State prof), lost his 14K yellow gold puzzle ring off his back deck. If you are interested in this search, please reply-all.
Thanks, Scott

Search Result

Ring has been found!
[email from Andrew]

Brad Pollard